April 25th 2017 Honorees for Diversity in Business #libndiversity. Congrats again for your amazing works!‬ Thanks to everyone for the acknowledgment especially Jerry Siegel and Francine Love, Carmelitta, Sara, Mark DeRosa, Phil Andrews, Lionel Chitty, Sharon Davis Edwards and Dr. Wayne Edwards, President Calvin O. Butts, III and the students, faculty and staff of SUNY Old Westbury for extra support!! 

John Kemp, your keynote was fantastic and needs to be put on audio so others can hear this insightful message.
Thanks also to Scott, Melissa and Joe for a great program!
Here are the names: 2017 Honorees
1: Dr. Wayne Edwards, SUNY Old Westbury
2: Hon. Robert E. Pipia, Nassau District Court Judge
3: Frederick K. Brewington The Law Offices of Frederick K. Brewington
4: Dilip Chauhan, Nassau County Comptroller Office
5: Dr. Craig J. Wright, Nassau Community College
6: Veronica Isaac, PSEG Long Island
7: Brigitte Wynn, PSEG Long Island
8: Janeen Johnson, PSEG Long Island
9: Marsha Parris, New York Grant Company
10: Bonita J. Ricks, Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University
11: Lorraine Aycock, Bank of America
12: Dr. William Robert Spencer Suffolk County Legislator
13: Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages, Assembly District 22
14: Jesse Garcia, Brookhaven
15: Loretta H. Murray, Esq. Mill Neck Services
16: Rhonda Klch, Equity First Foundation
17: Emily Ladau, Words I Wheel By
Dave McGill Ossur
18: Mitch Shapiro Foundation for Sight & Sound
19: Dr. Corinne Graham, Graham International Consulting & Research Inc.
20: Gurpreet Singh, Industry One Realty Corp.
21: Sima Ali, Esq., Ali Law Group
22: Lois Cooper, Lee Hecht Harrison
23: Nathan Jackson, Nadar Communications, Inc.
24: Kevan Abrahams, Nassau Legislator
25: Dr. Jenny Bencardino, Free Spirit Tennis & Soccer
26: LaMint Johnson, Trustee of
The Village of Hempstead
27: Dave McGill, Ossur
28: Loretta H. Murray, Esq., Mill Neck Services