We Are A NYS, NYC, Nassau and Suffolk Counties M/WBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise) Company

Our vision is to assure the highest level of consulting and research through excellence, respect, compassion and commitment.

We have the leading expertise in Start-up and Small Businesses, Project Management and Program Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Workforce Development, Community Engagement, Commercialization of Technology and diverse spectrum of services to K-12, Higher Ed., Private, Public and Government entities. We live in the heart and soul of Start-ups and Small Businesses and so, we are here to help you charter the course of possibilities. We have worked with clients who have been in business for many years and have had to start all over again and to those just starting out. 

Our work involves one on one consult with personalized strategies that is geared towards A Re-Imagined Business. Our secret lies our continuous practical in the field experiences that helps you find “The, It, Hitch or Hiccup” in your business operations. The most notable aspect of our service is that we treat your business as if it was ours…SIMPLY PUT…YOUR SUCCESS IS JUST AS IMPORTANT TO US.

Graham International Consulting and Research, Inc. (GICaR) is a New York State, NYC, Nassau and Suffolk County M/WBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise) company. Led by Dr. Corrinne Graham, its vision is to assure the highest level of consulting and research through excellence, respect, compassion and commitment.

As a business consulting and research company, GICaR provides direction to businesses in achieving goals and realizing success, economic growth, and sustainability. GICaR utilizes data analytics, performs feasibility studies, and provides industry expertise to implement effective models and frameworks to charter growth and new business development. Among other tools, GICaR assists clients through the provision of educational workshops and staff and management trainings.

In a holistic and collaborative approach, GICaR partners with clients to address specific organizational needs and challenges. We undertake a rigorous investigative phase to understand the primary factors and adverse variables impacting business. This process involves the collection and analyses of data to determine strengths, opportunity areas and risks (read about 2015 Fuel Cell Collaboration). We then present findings and suggestions to leadership. And finally, we assemble a SME team to execute.

Let GICaR help you transform your business and realize you vision.

“Have regard for your name, since it will remain for you longer than a great store of gold.”

Graham International Consulting and Research believes that “the only limits are, as always, those of vision.”

Over 15 years of combined expertise national and international in over 12 industry groups. We offer a variety of services in a number of areas. We work with Prime Contractors that are looking for an M/WBE’s (Minority/Women Business Enterprise) for Subcontract work including but not limited to:

  1. Management Consulting Services
  2. General Consulting
  3. Project Management
  4. On-Call Management Services
  5. Community Relations & Outreach
  6. Space Research, Development
  7. Energy, Sustainability and Conservation
  8. Commercialization and Technology Transfer Training and Development
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Training
  10. K-12 Program Development & Management
  11. Leadership Programs
  12. Personal & Professional Workforce Development
  13. General Research and Development
  14. Mentoring and Entrepreneurship Program & Development

“Helping women to start operate and grow their businesses as a WE NYC Mentor”


WE NYC Mentor, Women.NYC Advisor, LIASB, Space Renaissance USA, Braata Production, UJAA President Advisory Committee, Women Center for Personal Development (WCPD), Long Coalition for the Homeless Candlelight Vigil, Town of Brookhaven Black History Commission, Nassau County District Attorney African American American Advisory Council, Suffolk County African American Advisory Board