Graham International Consulting and Research, Inc. (GICaR) is a New York State, Suffolk County M/WBE and MTA DBE company. Led by Dr. Corrinne Graham, its vision is to assure the highest level of consulting and research through excellence, respect, compassion and commitment.

As a business consulting and research company, GICaRprovides direction to businesses in achieving goals and realizing success, economic growth, and sustainability. GICaR utilizes data analytics, performs feasibility studies, and provides industry expertise to implement effective models and frameworks to charter growth and new business development. Among other tools, GICaR assists clients through the provision of educational workshops and staff and management trainings.

GICaR staff are qualified to provide high-quality adult education and training. Staff members possess not only subject matter expertise in a variety of areas, but experience in creating effective learning environments. All participating staff members have experience delivering seminars and workshops in both business and educational environments. One staff member has served as an educator in a variety of classroom environments (in the USA, at an oversees school, for online universities). Team members are experienced in creating learning-centeredenvironments that promote collaboration and engagement among learners. Instruction will be knowledge- and assessment-centered, engaging and guiding students to greater understanding while providing feedback (and encouraging self-evaluation and peer feedback) in order to enable learners to grow and improve.

About the GICaR team:

Dr. Corrinne Graham, Managing Consultant and Researcher of GICaR, will personally oversee the project and carry out the majority of trainings in the Individual Development, Interpersonal Communication, Work Management, and Writing Skills course categories. Dr. Graham has years of experience developing and delivering educational workshops on a variety of topics across industries. Currently, Dr. Graham is the facilitator and program developer of the “Brand Yourself in the Energy World” workshop series at SUNY Farmingdale. Previously, she facilitated workshops on interviewing at SUNY Old Westbury, and has participated in conferences at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology (building new learning environments, building bridges between corporate partners and community resources) and SUNY Farmingdale (job opportunities and education development/training in the energy field). Dr. Graham also has a background in finance that makes her ideally suited to providing trainings on finance-related topics.

Teaching orientation is based on four approaches: ensuring the learning environment provides a sense of belongingness; facilitating meaningful learning experiences; ensuring learner participation in activities that utilize critical thinking skills; and reflecting to construct meaning and tie theory to practice. With these approaches, GICaR Inc has engaged various learning styles including structured and unstructured brainstorming, pair work, Q&A sessions, demonstrations, Show & Tell, and group presentations. We have found these styles particularly helpful in seeking new and innovative ways of teaching, as well as engaging learners in order to stimulate a rich marketplace of ideas.

Services:  To consult, research, evaluate, and advise the Client with respect to the following challenges:

(a) Working with management teams to identify priorities, targets, and approaches.
(b) Working with development teams and to determine strategies that increase individual and corporate build awareness
(c) Assist to develop and execute a comprehensive development plan
(d) Implement and/or Oversee tactical strategies required of a comprehensive development function including prospect development and tracking, research, cultivation strategies, setting and achieving targets, reports, strategies and assignments.
(e) Diversity and Profitability – CDP™ Model, published and proven
a. Education, Technology, Communication, Adaptation, Leadership, Competition

Trend In a 2015 Report by Deloitte: “For a 3rd Year in a row, Leadership soared to become one of the most pressing talent challenges faced by global organizations…(I would add to this, for small, midsize and startups as well). So, if nearly every company recognizes Leadership as a Critical talent Problem, why are so few companies making any progress in addressing.”

(f) Help You Manage and Run Your Business Day to Day Operation
(g) Budgeting and Forecasting
(h) Business Plan Development and Implementation
(i) Strategic Planning, Analysis and Implementation
(j) Audit Internal Controls, Policies and Procedures for fraud, accountability, risk, safety, and profitability
(k) Research and Development-
a. Sustainability Development, Biodiversity, Conservation, Energy, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction
b. HealthCare Administration
c. Product and Procurement Development