Image Is Everything! It Only Takes 7 Seconds To Make A First Impression! What Is Your Learning Diet?

Image is everything!

First Impression Statistics:          

            It only takes 7 seconds to make a first  impression!

     55% based on how you look and act

     38% based on the sound and tone of your voice

     7% based on what you actually say

Why Is Personal and Professional Development So Important?

      Generations: Boomers, XYers, Millennials, Gamers ALL face the same challenges in an extremely aggressive and rapidly changing economic/business environment and NECESSARY for Effective Performance and Profitability.

      Some immediate challenges includes:

      The Inability To Fund A Life After Retirement

     Starting of New Careers

     Returning to School

     Becoming Entrepreneurs or Solotrepreneurs

     How Do You Apply Them For Business, Personal and Professional Success

This audio session focuses its dialogue on several areas of Personal and Professional such as: Rules, Milestones and Strategies, Image, Elevator Pitch, Emotional Intelligent and Transferable Skills.

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